About Pastor Jenny

JennyJenny Fisher is dedicated to changing lives. She is a Pastor, author, inspirational speaker, teacher and mentor. Jenny holds a Master of Theology degree and is the founder of Jenny Fisher Ministries.  She is passionate about sharing her stories of how she overcame physical and mental abuse and teaches practical strategies to equip them to become passionate and purposeful through biblical principles and teachings.

Jenny Fisher Ministries provides resources to both men and women and teaches on prevention to help ordinationthem recover from emotional and physical abuse and promote healthy and honest relationships. This equips them to become extraordinary people. Pastor Jenny is dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals to create environments that support, nurture and enrich lives.

Pastor Jenny has spent more than two decades experiencing, examining and observing the bitter results of exploitation and her teachings provide practical tools to help both men and women find their worth and overcome life’s adversities.

Pastor Jenny’s services provide inspiration to breakthrough barriers of fear, doubt, and insecurity; and empower them through new found hope to reach for their dream and become a positive and effective influence within their sphere of influence.

Pastor Jenny thrives on helping people live with purpose to enhance their lives and become successful leaders.