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JUST Rewards, A Journey From Abuse to Recovery

CAM01245 1“JUST Rewards” is a compelling story of a Journey from Abuse to Recovery. In a time of youthful immaturity, a young girl made a decision which radically changed her life. Little did she know her decisions at such a young age destined her to a life of beating, abuse, drugs, lies and adultery. Walk with her through her abuse and learn how she regained her self-worth through her inspiring story rooted in a trusting and faithful relationship found in Christ’s unfailing love and redemptive power. You will glean powerful and pragmatic truths that are easy to apply and will help you overcome life’s challenges.


JUST Rewards Workbook

CAM01248 2Pastor Jenny’s story is a story that mirrors many of the women that live and work in today’s contemporary world. Her testimony and love for those living a life surrounded by violence inspired her to co-write the workbook to compliment her book – JUST Rewards a Journey from Abuse to Recovery. It was written to allow the reader to gain a new awareness and understanding of who they are and to allow them to search out the hidden truth and release the treasures buried deep within them. This 66 page workbook will show you how to break the barriers of emotional wounds, poisons of the past, disappointments and lack of self-esteem to a life of trusting in God’s timing, living with enthusiasm, producing fruit and becoming a person of excellence and integrity.


CAM01241 (4)JUST Rewards Book & Workbook Combo


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The Many Facets of the Names of God Workbook

CAM01244 (3)

This workbook was designed to help you gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of our great God. He wants you to know Him. His plan for all Believers is for all to be blessed. This 86 page workbook will walk you through 15 of His specific Names and will discuss topics such: * What is the Significance and Importance of Names? * How Important Is it to know God? * Calling on The NAME of the LORD * How to invoke the Full Power and Authority in God’s Names and * The Many Facets of the Names of God. By the end of this workbook you’ll be able to “Invoke the Full Power and Authority in God’s Names” in your prayer and in your life!


 Overcome Anxiety (Stiletto Warrior Study Series)

DSC_0193 1


Because each person has a unique chemical make up, anxiety symptoms will vary from person to person. This 23 page guide will give you the tools to help you put those tools into practice to help you work through the symptoms.


Regain Your Self-Esteem (Stiletto Warrior Study Series)

DSC_0192 1Each person has their own unique make up and thus handle the way the world treats us differently. Words can build up or break down. Society has plagued us with what it thinks we should look like, talk like, walk like, dress like, etc. This 23 page guide will help you conquer self-esteem issues.





Face Your Giants with Boldness (Audio Approx. 30 min)

CAM01251 1A “Stiletto Warriors” Series

We all face severe hardships, seemingly insurmountable obstacles and temptations. We all have problems, habits we can’t break, failures we can’t forget, bills we can’t pay, a future too dreary we just don’t want to face. These are all giants, just as in the story of Goliath, David had to face. This message is powerful and will give you the tools to help you defeat your giants!



Awaken Your Spirit! It’s Time to Dream Again!! (Audio approx. 30 min)

CAM01249 1A “Stiletto Warriors” Series

As kids, we had dreams of soaring high into the heavens. Our dreams of becoming a stewardess, dancer, artist, astronomer, archeologist, baseball player, pilot, or even retiring at 35, for the most part were put aside when we grew up and our priorities changed. If your life has become unbalanced…more work than plan, then this CD will provide 5 ways to Awaken Your Spirit to Dream Again and to reach your desired result and potential.



God’s Attributes (Audio approx. 30 min)


A “Stiletto Warriors” Series

Even in today’s contemporary world many seem to know God only as a God of retribution, but that is not all God. In this CD you will learn some of the attributes and goodness of God. A deeper understanding of God’s power in our lives comes from who HE is. He is…God Almighty, the Great I AM, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega. This is a power tool to help you learn for yourself and tell others all about the goodness of God!


The WINDS of Life (Audio approx. 30 min)


A “Stiletto Warriors” Series

So many of us are steering in rough seas. The circumstances and hardship of life can often make it difficult for us to cross to the other side of our seas. Sometimes we find ourselves drifting farther off course than we ever intended, and suddenly the wind and the waves of life’s storms threaten to capsize our very existence. This message is powerful and will assist you through basic principles to steer you back on course while helping you build confidence in your relationship with God and give you tools to help you through your winds of life.



Obedience in Weakness (Audio approx. 30 min)

CAM01256A “Stiletto Warriors” Series

We have all be under so much stress, agony and sorry that we have wanted to give up asking God why me! We are quick in believing the lies of the enemy tells us yet, fail to believe that God is ALL powerful and through Christ we can defeat the enemy. This teaching is powerful as it will help you understand and outline the way to active the power of God into your life in the middle of your storms, hurricanes and tornados.


A Season of Singleness  (Audio approx. 30 min)

CAM01253A “Stiletto Warriors” Series

There are many of us who are currently in this season of singleness. Some have never been married; others have arrived at this season through means of divorce and still others through a loss of a spouse. This message is a powerful teaching to help singles address the seasons in which they journey.



Unforgiveness and It’s Toxic Effect (Approx. 45 min)

CAM01258A “Stiletto Warriors” Series

Unforgiveness is everywhere. Look around you at the damage that has been done to families, friendships, and the division it has caused from generation to generation. It is an assault to the very nature of one’s being. It is an element of darkness never used by God as a vessel of destruction, but it is a weapon used by your enemy to break you down. This powerful CD will help you understand the toxic effects of Unforgiveness and outlines the advantages of forgiveness.


I Want Nothing Less Than God’s Best Sticker

Nothing Less

So many times we talk ourselves out of believing that we are worthy of God’s best. In truth, God wants to give us our hearts desire. We should never think that we are not worthy enough or important enough to want God’s best. Hang this sticker in your bathroom mirror, kitchen, your office, or even on the bumper of your car as a reminder that God wants to bless you and give you His best!